LeHona was born out of curiosity. Curiosity to explore, to try something new, a need I had to answer a call that came from within. After many years in the corporate world, I found myself with a paved path laid in front me. Instead of following this path, I decided to listen to myself and take a risk. Following my instincts, I gave up a career in finance to follow my passion for jewelry.

LeHona is an expression of both, myself and my roots. It brings together what I stand for: genuineness, sustainability, craftsmanship, highest quality materials, with my vast inner world.

The imagery is inspired by my past (my heritage), present (my beliefs), and future (the values I want to pass on to my children). I was born to a shipping and sailing traditional family, therefore, navigation tools have always been relevant to me. Growing up by the sea in Bilbao, my childhood was imbued with my family’s sailing tradition. Summer nights looking at sea, led me to develop a special bond with the ocean. As a child, I would look at the stars at night and wonder, how was it possible for them from such a distance, to have safely guided sailors down at sea for so many years.

As I grew up, the importance of having a guiding star, a sense of purpose in life, became more and more relevant. As a mother, daughter, sister and friend I often found myself either seeking or offering guidance, or both. This idea of the compass, a guiding tool that points you in the right direction, kept coming back to me as I started making more and bigger decisions in life. Being present in the here and now became a grounding anchor for me, and being able to be myself, a luxury. To be genuine, to honour what you stand for in life, what you value and what you don’t, is something I hold close to my heart.

My pieces are a manifestation of one idea: being true to yourself is the biggest luxury in life. Through LeHona I strive to create heirlooms that embody this luxury. Pieces that will be both, valuable jewels that you can pass on from generation to generation, and a token of the values each of us hold close to our hearts. Values we want to honour, pass on to our children, or simply carry with us.

Welcome to our pride!