Medallions have a long history of serving both, aesthetic and practical purposes. From the first roman pendants, which were used mainly to propagate the face of the emperor and the values of the empire, to becoming the Renaissance version of the “calling cards”, used to promote one’s skills, to the Victorian locket. We carry on our chest what we hold closest to our hearts. In LeHona, we create pieces that serve a new purpose: to embody our inner guidance, our values, while acting as a reminder to come back to ourselves, be true to ourselves, right here right now.

This new intention, this reminder, is activated through the very common albeit unconscious gesture of touching the piece of jewelry that we are wearing. Whenever you are doing something absent-mindedly and you reach to touch your LeHona piece, we want it to act as an anchor to the present moment. We want it to be a reminder to stay aware, and true to who you are. It will remind you to believe in yourself, that you matter, that what you want matters, and to fight for it.

In LeHona we value genuineness and hold authenticity close to our hearts. We believe that being true to oneself and being unique is what makes people special. Listening to one’s inner guidance, is like having a compass that helps us navigate the waters of life. Being one’s authentic self is not always an easy task, we live in a world in which we are constantly bombarded with information about how we should be, behave, and look. As a result, we can find ourselves feeling lost at times, yearning to feel whole again, wanting to come back to our centre, to be faithful to what really matters to us.

In order to find the way back to ourselves, we must follow our internal compass, that North Star that guides us through life, informing every decision that we make. Like the sailors, that for hundreds of years looked up to the sky and trusted the stars that guided them, we now invite you to look inwards, and trust the guiding stars you carry within.

Our jewels are here not just to adorn you, but to remind you to stay present, to stop and live right here, right now. Our pieces are here to remind you that you already carry within everything you need. Jewellbeing is the understanding that being able to be who you truly are, to live according to your true self, is the maximum expression of luxury and wellbeing.

Welcome to our pride!

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